Stephen-About Me!


My name is Stephen Abraham and I am currently working as a freelance designer in Philadelphia. I have always loved combining mathematics and digital storytelling, and that is how my passion for Animation was born. I love the animation pipeline within different departments, but I particularly like leaning more into the technical side of stuff: i.e. the matrix calculations and etc. I use this website to update my artistic projects, research/tech findings and just rant a blog post every once in a while(though I have to be more active)

A fun fact of me is that I can play five different instruments and speak four different languages.

Feel free to connect and network with me on LinkedIn!

Demo Reel

Here is my CG Generalist reel concentrating on various aspects of the 3D Pipeline.

Reel Breakdown

FLCL Guitar – 00:02 to 00:16

Based on the popular series FLCL, this object prop was modelled in Maya, textured in Substance 3D and rendered using Arnold. Additional compositing was done in Nuke. The object prop was also rigged for animation using a combination of clusters and SDKs

Japanese Interior Room – 00:17 to 00:25

This photo-realistic room was based on concept arts found on Pinterest, with an emphasis on volumetric, lighting and shading. All assets were modelled in Maya, textured in Substance 3D and rendered using Arnold. This project was primarily done in Maya, rendering with Arnold.

Kitchen Interior – 00:26 to 00:35

A Look-Dev project that I worked on as Research Assistant, I was given assets from a Kitchen Interior Set, and was responsible for the texturing, lighting and rendering of the Interior. The theme was based on Modern Kitchen Interiors.

Cherub Light – 00:36 to 00:47

This was a project that I initially worked on a while ago, based on making a stylistic render of a real-life scene. Modelled all aspects using Maya/Zbrush and textured in Substance 3D. Added in Post was Blur, Color Correction, Chromatic Aberration and Vignette effect, to enhance the overall look of the scene.

Koenigsegg Agera RS Model – 00:48 to 00:56

A personal project that I worked on and was mentored by a CG Artist, during my time as an intern for Ingenuity Studios. A key focus was on understanding the topology of the complex supercar while experimenting with three point lighting.

Not on the List- 00:57 to 01:15

“Not on the List” was a Senior Thesis Animated Project, that entailed a toon shading look incorporating 3D and 2D Elements. As Technical Director and CG Lead for the project, I was responsible for the ensuring the art direction of the project is translated to the final render while also developing the pipeline for the project.

Music Symphony – 01:16 to 01:21

A CG exercise room with focus on elements of high and low poly objects to recreate a room and play with the lighting of the scene. Responsible for modelling, texturing all assets.

Punxo” Render – 01:24 to 01:29

Punxo is a portmanteau of the the “Luxo” Lamp and the word Punk. Inspired by a Steampunk Lamp I was able to find online, this was an exercise in creating a photo-realistic render through the usage of modelling high details and texturing those high details using advanced masking techniques.