FLCL Guitar

Ah FLCL! One of the greatest anime ever made and all in the span of 6 episodes! This classic Rickenbacker Bass is actually a weapon employed by Haruko, one of the main characters of the show, and is more of a weapon than a classic and timeless bass. Based on the actual Rickenbacker 4003 series, the anime version has a weird motor attached to the behind of the guitar, which basically charges up the weapon! This project was interesting as, the every time the guitar shows up in the anime, there is something different about it. This is because usually, there isn’t any consistency in prop objects designs in anime, in order to save budget and direct it to more resource-draining animation. As such, I was heavily inspired by a lot of the references I collected from the anime, promo art and real world inspiration. The asset was modelled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Arnold.

Model Turntable
UV Turntable
UV Layout Breakdown

Reference Collection

Rig Breakdown

Wanted to further push this project by rigging this Guitar. Definitely happy that I was able to recreate the Motor Effect as seen in the Anime, in this rig while also picking up new tricks such as replicating vibrations through Cluster Manipulations.